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About Me

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Hi, my Name is Tal. I am from Israel.  Passion to design and wellbeing has always been a great part of my life, manifesting in different manners. 

I majored arts and psychology and later became a user experience (UX) designer, making a big shift with my master’s degree to industrial engineering. But something was missing working in hi-tech and my quest for finding truth and for challenging the mainstream choices grew bigger.

I always loved traveling to new places around the globe, but my travel to India was like no other. It has changed my life. After years of practicing different methods of soul work (conventional psychology, theta healing, biofeedback and more), out of desire to improve painful areas in my life, I discovered mindfulness and the depth and powerful potential of meditation practice. But after a while of developing my own practice, I felt that keeping this wisdom all to myself was not enough. That I needed to pass it forward. To offer it to others. Knowing that it can create dramatic changes in how we experience life, and the level of our own wellbeing. This led me to different mindfulness teacher trainings, for children and for adults. 

But this was not the only gift that mama India gave me. During my travels I also had some stomach issues, that made me do a significant changes in how I eat and what I eat. Gluten, sugar of all types, preservatives, lactose were reduced completely, and I had to become very mindful of what I intake. Being a vegetarian to begin with, I felt frustrated and very limited with the options at hand.


But as time went by, instead of feeling limited, I discovered the richness and creative possibilities within healthy cooking. Food became my dartboard, where I design and create. I started learning, reading researches and scientific articles and playing with the materials at hand, and my passion for creating, healthy food grew bigger and bigger.

,I discovered (and continue to discover every day) that design, aesthetics  wellbeing and self development work (or spiritual work), are deeply connected, and together they woven the unique gift that I received in this lifetime in order to share it with others and with the world.

  Today, I offer 1:1 healthy creative cooking workshop 

  Private and group mindfulness sessions

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I photograph and travel when possible 🙂

Feel free to reach out If you are curious, want to collaborate on a project or create together


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