Chocolate bar with Nuts, Crunchy, Low carb, Vegan.

 Passover. Corona. I miss my friends and my family a lot. Out of nowhere came to my mind a brilliant idea – I will make them a delivery of yummy chocolates and leave it by their door. 2 meters distance! The idea got me excited – I love making homemade chocolates! (It’s an excuse to […]


Vegan Tofu Falafel Balls

Before I explain why I made falafel from tofu, and not from chickpeas, like a proper Israel, let me just say that this recipe takes 10 minutes (top!) to make. It is vegan, gluten-free, full of calcium and protein, and low-carb! Falafel from tofu? Are you serious? Yup, legit question! I have two answers. First, […]

שוקולד במילוי קרם חמאת בוטנים ומלח עם שברי קשיו

Chocolate coated Peanut Butter, sea salt and cashew squares. Vegan. Low-carb.

About the recipe In the past few weeks I participated in a chocolatier certificate training which ended prior of time because of the restrictions due to the Corona virus spread. Luckily, I managed to get a lot of information and skill-sets so that I could start practicing at home. More than that, I got inspired, […]

Eggs frittata with vegetables and yogurt, low-carb

About the recipe I named this dish eggs frittata for a lack of better wording, but it is somewhat of a mix between an omelette, frittata and a quiche. What is more important, is that it is delicious, low in fat, high in protein and nutrients, it is flourless and does not contain gluten. The […]

Cauliflower Fried Rice, Keto Friendly, Low-carb

To be honest, the inspiration to this cauliflower fried rice came by watching someone else make and eat it 🙂 Her name is Shauna Falusi, and I highly recommend following her on Instagram. Here is a link to her page. I didn’t recall Shauna’s recipe but was craving for this kind of dish a few […]

cauliflower frittatas low carb

Cauliflower frittatas. Easy, low carb low fat.

These cauliflower frittatas are the result of a 10-minutes improve. Honestly? I was positively surprised by the result. Why? because this is an easy recipe, full of protein, vegetable and fibre, no flour or gluten. It can also easily be upgraded with cool additions. About the recipe Those of you who know me a little […]

Keto Parmesan Crackers – easy five ingredients recipe

Oh my good. I think these Keto Parmesan crackers are the best snack that I have ever yet created! and could you believe that they are made from five ingredients only? Please don’t hesitate and make them! I promise you will not regret listening to me 🙂 The idea for this recipe The idea for […]

Half baked keto cookie dough

Cookie dough with chocolate chips. Half baked. Vegan, keto.

If you like enjoying all worlds like me, not having to chose one over the other, this easy recipe is for you! Why? well, this cookie dough has one baked ingredient, while the rest are raw. It is both vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free, so high on good fats and low on carbs, which makes it […]

Vegan Palak Paneer with Tofu

Vegan Palak Paneer with Tofu, Indian Style

Vegan palak-paneer Those of you who visited India probably droll too when they hear the name ‘palak- paneer’. Palak-paneer is an Indian name for a dish which in translation means ‘spinach-cheese’. Indians have an interesting habit of calling dishes by their main ingredients. Easy! Being so inspired by this unique Indian dish, I decided to […]

Delicious Chocolate Balls, Keto, Vegan, Gluten-free

Be warned! After you try these keto friendly, low-carb chocolate balls, it will be hard for you to stop eating. They are super dense with chocolate and have a twist that gives them the perfect crunchiness. They are simple to make, no special equipment required, and they are my perfect solution for times when I […]